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Are We Big Enough to Invest in an Applicant Tracking System?

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS), also known as a candidate management system, is a software product that helps companies manage a high volume of candidates. Twenty years ago, an ATS was designed as a document management system for resumes. Today, these systems have become recruiting tools; posting jobs, and filtering, managing and analyzing candidates.

When you started your small business you were probably hiring your former colleagues or people from your own network, and a big system seemed unnecessary.  Now that your business has grown and your hiring needs have increased, is it time to invest in an ATS?

Your company is ready for an ATS when at least two of these statements are true:


1.   You are  hiring more than 15 people a year.

  • If you have multiple openings, and multiple candidates, an ATS will help your HR or recruiting team track the workflow of candidates through the interview process.


2.  Your Human Resources (HR) or recruiting team is screening more than 500 résumés per year.

  • You need a holding place for those resumes. Applicants may not fit an immediate need but may fit a need in the future. An ATS will allow you not only to collect the résumés, but to also find them again by their skill sets and key words.


3.  You want to ensure your company’s compliance with EEOC rules

  • Most ATS products will capture a reason for non-selection. This information among other functions will help you with EEOC compliance.


4.  The  ‘Time to Hire’ is dragging

  • If the bottleneck for getting candidates hired is at the candidate review stage, an ATS will allow your HR or recruiting staff to expediently review, disposition, and index all of the applicants; moving them to the interview stage.


5.  You  have no idea how many candidates you have or where they are in the process

  • All good ATS products will offer tracking and monitoring of inbound candidates by source. An ATS will also track candidates workflow; allowing you to see the status of a candidate through each step in your process. Finally, most ATS products offer a tool to collect interview notes, or reference notes.


Okay, now that you are ready to make the investment,  here comes the hardest part; choosing the one (out of hundreds) with the right bells and whistles, at the right price point. Below are five recommendations for investing in an ATS:


1.   Do not rush to judgment

  • Investing time and resources in your system selection can save you money and headaches for years to come.


2.  Involve All ATS user groups in the selection process

  • Recruiters and HR personnel may not be the only people utilizing the system. Managers may need to track metrics and sales personnel may need to review candidate data. Be sure to include all possible personnel in the system selection.


3.  Determine your interface needs

  • Do you have a sales tracking tool that should interface with your new ATS? What about employee tracking software?


4.  Consider your customization needs

  • Do you want your recruiters to be able to send emails from the ATS; capturing the email exchanges in the candidate’s record? Or, maybe you want to customize the skill profile in which candidate resumes are parsed. Many ATS products can post your jobs directly to the boards.


5.  Consider hiring an expert to participate in your system selection

  • If you don’t have an experienced recruiter on your team with experience with numerous ATS products, consider hiring an expert to help you in the assessment. With more than 200 products to choose from, a thorough understanding of the tools and solutions as well as the right questions to ask is worth the investment.

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