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Hire Extroverts to Your Recruiting Bullpen

bullpenImagine a bustling office where you can hear several conversations taking place at once. The energy is high and people are talking to each other over the short walls about their new open requisitions. One of your colleagues has his wireless headset on and is walking up and down the hallway as he attempts to close a candidate for a big position with a key client.

Does this sound exciting? Some recruiters find this exhilarating and invigorating. They love the energy; the back-and-forth between their team members and it motivates them to make their next cold-call to a candidate. In the same way a busy, noisy restaurant suggests a good place to eat, the bullpen can feel stimulating and inspiring.

The recruiters that flourish in a bullpen environment are typically those with an extroverted personality. Extroverts thrive on interactions with people and are motivated to be successful in a setting that feels successful. Conversely, when these recruiters are expected to work alone or are isolated by a closed office, they feel stagnant and are likely to be found at the water-cooler chatting with a colleague in an attempt to muster the energy to do their work.

Extroverted recruiters have many innate talents that make them successful in a recruiting role. Because they find their energy is sapped when they spend too much time alone, extroverts are more likely to reach out to colleagues, clients and candidates to keep their energy high. This typically means that you don’t have to push an extroverted recruiter to make those cold-calls to prospective candidates or clients. Networking functions and staffing a recruiting booth are great activities for an extroverted recruiter. They are often natural sales people.

While extroverted recruiters have some effective innate recruiting talents, many also possess some major liabilities that may prevent them from closing the deal or making decisions in the best interests of your clients. These challenges can be easily mitigated by understanding how to coach these recruiters in the areas they find challenging.

So, how to you know if a recruiting candidate is an extrovert? How do you reduce the common liabilities of your extroverted recruiters? Contact Steckley Consulting Group and we’ll help you explore the best approach to screening and hiring the best candidates to your recruiting bullpen.