STECKLEY CONSULTING GROUP Recruiting and HR Team Solutions for Success!

Build and Train a Team

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Are you tired of paying big fees to search firms and headhunters? Are you stretching your leadership team  beyond it’s ability to effectively identify, interview and hire resources, while successfully managing their accounts and delivering quality services?

Together, we can build a knowledgeable in-house Human Resources and Recruiting team with HR expertise and superb sourcing and assessment skills; able to attract the highest quality candidates to your company.

Smart investment in human capital, using in-house assets, can provide you with more control of your culture, your message and your brand, eliminating expensive search fees or HR service fees. Unlike service firms and  headhunters, your in-house HR personnel and recruiters will be working for you and you alone!

Whether you are building a team of recruiters and HR staff for the first time, or adding new members to an existing team,  let us help you get the most from your staff. We’ll prepare your  HR staff and recruiters to become trusted advisors to your hiring managers.