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Clinovations Success Story

clinovations 2013Clinovations is a leading healthcare consulting firm offering strategic, clinical, and health IT advisory and management consulting services with the goal of creating innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of healthcare for patients.

 In 2012, Clinovations decided it was time to dedicate human capital to recruiting.  Previously, the leadership team was tasked with managing, selling, delivering and recruiting. It was time to allow the executives to do what they do best; sell, manage and deliver superior solutions, and allow experienced and knowledgeable recruiters to identify, screen, and hire consultants to the company.

Steckley Consulting Group assisted Clinovations by identifying, screening and training knowledgeable recruiters and bringing proven recruiting processes and procedures to the organization.

Clinovations’ in-house recruiting team has provided the company with a higher return on investment then the money previously spent on search firms, and has afforded Clinovations control over the messaging, branding and quality of candidates.

“Jennifer Steckley was the first person I thought of when Clinovations decided to develop a Recruiting Team.  She was a trusted advisor from previous work experiences and I knew she understood healthcare, management consulting, full life-cycle recruiting, as well as contractor recruiting.  Clinovations values top talent and great culture and we view our contractors and employees as assets.  Jennifer understands those core values we hold as well understanding that our leadership team desires to guide, mentor, and develop our people in order to retain top talent and be a place where people can grow.  Jennifer Steckley is someone you can trust and who knows the industry well.  I highly recommend her.”


Michele Behme, RN, Director, Clinovations