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First Choice Professionals’ Success Story

FCP logoFirst Choice Professionals (FCP) provides strategic consulting solutions to hospitals, clinics, and Federal healthcare entities throughout the United States. Its advisory, revenue, clinical and technical health delivery and optimization experts partner with clients in facilitating better quality of care while reducing organizational costs.

Mark Scherling is an Executive Vice President at FCP. Mark and the FCP leadership team wanted to ensure that FCP’s recruiting team possessed all of the skills and tools necessary to perform at a high level in FCP’s fast paced environment. FCP called on Steckley Consulting Group to consult.

Steckley Consulting Group first evaluated the recruiting team, its experience, style and outcomes. During the evaluation, Jennifer Steckley personally examined the working relationship between FCP’s recruiting division and FCP’s business divisions, as well as all of FCP’s recruiting tools and its utilization of those tools.

Steckley Consulting Group identified all strengths and challenges within the FCP recruiting team and then made numerous specific recommendations in a detailed, written report. Notably, none of the suggested changes required increased recruiting expense.

Steckley Consulting Group was then engaged to provide guidance and coaching to the FCP recruiters. As a result, the FCP team gained enhanced skills and knowledge and an overall increase in proficiency and confidence.

Jennifer’s services were extremely valuable in ensuring our recruiting team had the correct tools,  knowledge and expertise for success based on our corporate goals and direction.  Well thought out and planned, Jennifer’s recommendations and timeline were spot-on in improving efficiency, quality and leadership and have set the stage for long term success.  Jennifer is a fantastic leader and mentor in this industry – I highly recommend her services!          

          ~Mark Scherling, Executive Vice President, First Choice Professionals, LLC